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    PS 2017 CC install, some interface fonts not displaying


      Windows 7.


      I'm pretty savvy when it comes to computer stuff, but this one has me stumped.


      I installed CC, then PS, then had this issue, for example, looking at the preferences pages for... for... uh, I can't tell:



      So, reading through the troubleshooting pages, I removed, I reinstalled, I used the cleaner, I rebooted, I moved preferences files out of "program file" subdirectories.


      I did a few combinations of removals and cleanings and reboots and preference file re-locations, but the latest attempt to save a JPG loos like this:



      and so the ghost is still in the machine. The menus show normally:



      Does it matter that I used to have a local install of PS 5.5 which had been removed?