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    Lightroom Presets gone


      Yesterday I updated to the latest version of LR and all my presets are gone.  (I'm pretty sure this did not happen the last time I updated?)

      Anyway, I have regular backups, so here's what I think I need to do now. 

      1. Save the current updated catalog;

      2. Open an old catalog;

      3. Copy the presets folder from this old catalog to a thumb drive;

      4. Close the old catalog;

      5. Open the new catalog, and

      6. Replace the current preset folder with the folder I saved on my thumb drive. 

      Is this correct?


      And how do I prevent this happening the next time I update?   Thanks!

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Presets are not contained in a Catalog - so opening 'old' or other catalogs will not necessarily help, other than to help locate your presets.

          The Presets that a Catalog shows will depend on the Preferences option in the ‘Store presets with this catalog’ checkbox.


          The location of presets is described in the chapter- "Your Presets and Templates" at this link-



          To prevent this happening the next time I update?

          Make a copy backup of your Presets folders (after you have found them!) so it can be restored at any time, or copied to a laptop installation of Lr.