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    My license credits just dissapeared


      No notice, no email, no nothing.

      I had over 150 credits that I BOUGHT since IstockPhoto (later bought by Adobe) In the welcome they would "respect" the licenses... after a few months, apparently not. I already checked my spam folders in case I missed the email. None

      It seems that either Adobe just ripped me. I find no logic explanation, no email, no nothing.


      I can not contact support in Adobe either as their "human support" is a headache, you need to navigate page after page, then loop back to the same support page, and then browse again until you end up here. In a forum, making a request to the Adobe team and explain to me (and return) the credits I BOUGHT.


      Maybe someone reads this, maybe not... This is the type of "human" support you can expect from this company.

      I demand an answer ADOBE! I want and need my credits back, ASAP. Thank you.