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    Using "Place Along Path" in Photoshop CS6?


      I'm working a few projects and saw a tutorial that had a lot of what I was working on.

      I reached a part of the Project where they have you make a Gradient piece and then set the Pattern to Follow a path.

      The end result is to look like Pipelines.

      The tutorial does not mention what version of Photoshop they are working in.

      I'm in PS CS6 and I've discovered "Place Along Path" is a CC script, so I'm assuming they wrote the tutorial in that version.

      I have CC at work, and it has the script on it. I tried to copy that script into the Preset>Deco folder but it gives an Error and does not work.

      Am I missing a step to integrate it?

      Is it just not compatible with my version? 

      This site talks about being able to write your own scripts, but is that just for CC or can you do it CS6?

      If so, has anyone written a version of this script that will work with CS6?


      Thanks in advance for any input.