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    Premiere Elements 15 MP4 Problems


      Elements 15 organizer will play the mp4 file (video taken with the Samsung Galaxy S8+), but when trying to open it in Premiere Elements it gives me a "general error" message (same thing happens in version 14).


      How can I fix this?



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          Anwesha Dev Chaudhary Adobe Employee



          Thanks for reporting your issue.

          For better resolution to your problem, we would recommend you to post this query on Premiere Elements Forum.




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            dhananjays36801738 Adobe Employee

            Hi Vikes,


            Thanks for posting in Adobe forums.

            I understand you are facing issue to open a video recorded by Samsung Galaxy S8+ in Adobe Premiere Elements 15.

            Could you please provide me the following information?

            - Are you using a Windows Machine or a Mac?

            - Have you updated Adobe Premiere Elements 15 yet?

            - Are you facing any issue while playing video in Adobe Organizer?

            - Are you getting this issue with one video or every recorded video from this device?

            - In which resolution have you recorded the video?

            - Have you tried to apply any filter while recording a video in your phone before importing in Adobe Premiere Elements?


            Hope to get your reply soon.





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              Vikes1967 Level 1

              Using a Windows 10 machine

              Did update elements (no change)

              Video plays fine in organizer

              This is the first video taken with this phone

              Recorded in HD resolution

              Havre not tried to apply filter.

              Did get it to work by converting to .avi format using converter program.



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                Mohammad Tahseen Adobe Employee

                Hi Vikes,


                Would it be possible for you to share the actual file which is not being imported in PRE? Maybe through Dropbox or Google Drive.




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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Might want to run the files through HandBrake and set them to Constant Framerate before bringing them into Elements.

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                    Hi Vikes1967,


                    I too have the identical problem you describe.  I get an "add media failure, the importer reported a generic error" when trying to add the mp4 produced from my Samsung S8.  Have you found an Adobe solution yet? (aside from having to use another program to convert a video file from a format reportedly already supported by Adobe Premier Elements)


                    The ACP answering your question was kind enough to advise you to use software from another provider, and the probably would work.  Perhaps, like me, you're wondering why you purchased this Adobe product if you need to install additional software from another provider to get functionality Adobe claims is already in Adobe Premier Elements?


                    Perhaps Adobe only supports some mp4 but not other?




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                      Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Adobe does not run well with variable framerate (not bitrate) which most smartphone and screencapture programs use.

                      So making it constant framerate before bringing it into Elements is usually the way to go.

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                        Vikes1967 Level 1

                        Not only is there an issue with mp4 files from my phone,  Adobe also fails to support videos that are in an old format.  Have several older video files that I have to convert in order for Adobe to recognise them as I keep getting the message that the codec is not supported.

                        For an expensive program like Adobe I find this very surprising.  I can download Sony's free photo/ video software and it recognizes all my videos. Strange that a free program can do it,  but Adobe cannot.


                        [details removed by Ussnorway]

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                          I am having the same problem and hope you have come up with a solution in the past couple of months

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                            Having the same problem, Samsung S8. Adobe Premiere Elements wont import any of the videos, even the low resolution ones VGA 640 x 480???

                            I am completely shut down as I am on a corporate computer and they wont allow me to download file conversion software.

                            Bought Adobe Premiere Elements for this purpose and now I'm finding out its doesn't work.!!! arrhh.


                            Need help fast.!!