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    Adobe Character Animator Internal Error Code: (562782346:681+11) assertion failed!


      I have been experimenting with Character Animator, and encountered what I believe to be a serious bug. I was trying to select an item in the timeline when all items vanished. Even after rebooting and restarting items remain invisible and unelectable in the left of the GUI, though they can still be selected in the timeline. This is only for the scene I was in at the time of the incident. It may be worth noting I was placing scenes on the timeline.


      I am confronted with the same error each time I open this project in Character Animator. It also looks as though Character Animator thinks I am in a new project, as "Character Animator Project 3" was not the name of my project (See attachment). Does anybody know a workaround or what might have caused this bug? It's the kind of bug that gives me pause before using character animator on a serious project.