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    Adobe Media Encoder .mp4 container with PCM audio


      Hi Adobe family,


      I'm hoping someone can help me with this it's been driving me nuts. I have been asked to supply a video to a Media agency for compliance checks before it can go live. They have requested the below specs



      Resolution (SD format): 720 x 576

      Aspect ratio 16:9 PAL

      Frame rate 50 field/s, 25 frame/s

      .mp4 container

      file size: Under 10mb



      Original Format PCM audio (not including Dolby E or AC-3)

      Sampling rate 48kHz

      Stereo Lt Rt

      Where Dolby Digital (DD) derived mixed down Rt Lt


      My source file is a 1920x1080 HD file with PCM audio. The whole project length is 28 seconds, and I'm exporting from After effect because I had to do some title changes and a few other tweaks etc.


      Firstly is there even a way to encode a .mp4 with PCM audio direct from media encoder? Or are these guys just smoking the fun stuff? Because if there is a way I for the life of me cannot find how to make this work with the h.264 codec direct from AME. Secondly to get below a 10mb file surely there is no way of doing this even if I was able to include uncompressed audio or am I missing something.


      I would LOVE someone that has used AME extensively or by some miracle someone from Australia who has had to request CAD approval for a TVC who can help with these settings.


      Thank you to everyone in advance who might offer help