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    Please HELP! Serious scroll issues in Acrobat


      TLDR: I can't scroll at all using my laptop's trackpad in Acrobat, the keyboard works fine. Please don't ask me to disable my touchscreen as its's an extremely tedious process. I also connected a mouse, the mouse works fine, but in the case I don't have a mouse and need to access PDFs, someone please help. No trolls, thanks. I'm tired of trolls.


      When I scroll, it shows the preview window at the side like shuddering up and down? and when scrolling up, I can only scroll one page by one page. Down scrolling is literally impossible. It was working fine yesterday, and for almost a month plus? since I got this laptop. I've restarted my computer, and am going to uninstall, reinstall acrobat.


      My computer is a XPS15, 2017 edition.