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    Quiz question Group Not working

      Dear all,

      I have 2 quizzes in one ppt presentation. The first one is like a trial exam - no reporting, 5 questions. The second one is the real exam with 40 questions. I created a group and set it to pick 5 questions in the 40 questions pool. When i compiled the exam still its 40 questions? Is there a minimum number of questions to be picked from a group of questions? Can anyone kindly advice why the group question feature didn't work? Thank you in advance.

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          AAnkurA Adobe Employee
          Are all questions in your quiz of survey type?
          Survey questions (example likert question) are considered as mandatory questions and will always be included in the Presenter generated output.

          Also PowerPoint slides will be generated for all questions (40 in your case) but in output flash only 5 questions will be shown.

          If there are no mandatory questions then minimum no of questions that can be selected from a pool is zero.