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    Windows Store Submission Errors

    garryl15493042 Level 1

      After building the .appx file using PhoneGap Build, and submitting this to the Microsoft Windows Store, there are two critical errors preventing publication.

      These relate to Microsoft DLL's not being allowed in Store Apps which are integrated with the built components.


      The two fatal errors are:


      windows store certification failures.png


      These errors prevent submission of the app to the store and are thus fatal.


      I hope there is a workaround?


      Kind Regards, Garry.

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          garryl15493042 Level 1



          My fault! I included some legacy DLL files in the Visual Studio project when I created the ZIP file.

          These were ignored by Apple and Google, but Microsoft picked them up and rejected them.


          Re-submitted to the store, and hopefully it will go through now?


          I will let you know (it is Friday evening here in the UK).