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    Please stop


      .. please stop to hide McAfee installation within Adobe updates.

      Please, please ! It costs time and attention to uninstall.

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          I had the same issue.  I started using Firefox as my main browser and a video I was watching needed Flash Player.  I was not prompted to opt out of the installing Mcafee and some other program to stop malware (I think that's what it was) during installation.  The two programs interfered with the virus software I already have installed.  The second program, when I uninstalled it, made me reboot my computer, this is really annoying.  I know in the past you could opt out of installing these programs and I think this unacceptable that Adobe is forcing this on us.  @manliolasc I completely agree with you that Adobe needs to stop this, I don't care if it generates revenue for the company.  In the past when I accidentally didn't click off the install Mcafee option, it caused issues with my virus software.  !

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            maria__ Adobe Employee

            McAfee is an optional third party software.  If you're not seeing and you're going to adobe.com to download the installer, please ensure JavaScript is NOT disabled and you do not have any other blocking extension (e.g. Ghostery, etc).


            "The second program, when I uninstalled it, made me reboot my computer, this is really annoying. "

            Official Flash Player installers do not require a system reboot.  From where did you download the installer"  What is "the second program" you are referring to?

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              photodude12555 Level 1

              It was from adobe's website. I run virus and malware scans daily and haven't had an integrity issues. I was trying to watch a product video on Amazon.com and it linked me to adobe to download the program.

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                maria__ Adobe Employee

                Again, Flash Player installers, nor the 3rd party offerings, require a system reboot.  I suspect something else prompted the system reboot.