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    Canceling subscription




      Every since i've switched from Nikon to Sony A7R2, Lightroom is crashing every time after I import the raw files and hit "Development" tab.

      All the imports are lost and I need to re-import files again. Only after 3,4 re-imports it will let me go in the "Development" mode.


      I did all the updates, i've reinstall the app on clean and the same behavior.

      This is very unpleasant and it keeps blocking my work every time.


      The fun part starts when i'm trying to cancel the subscription I get "You'll be charged a 65,40 cancellation fee (50% of your remaining annual contract)."

      I did not remember any of this fee mentioned when I've sing up, so I dig into the help and actually found it here Cancel your Creative Cloud membership

      "If you cancel an annual membership (paid monthly or once a year) within 14 days, you will receive a full refund. Otherwise, you are billed 50 percent of your remaining contract obligation."


      This is unacceptable : placing a hidden fee in the help section, written with regular font almost on the bottom of the page.

      All fees must be placed besides the ordering submit forms, in the cancellation section to be clearly visible.


      I had no idea of this fee. If I have seen it from the beginning i would not accepting and not activating the subscription because has no means.

      In 14days you don't have time to evaluate the full product, you don't have time to tell if you are satisfied or not, you don't have time to discover all the technical issues. I bought it went it's working for Nikon, now I want cancel because it's not working acceptable for Sony.


      This is cloud ... you should pay as you use!


      Please cancel my subscription without the hidden fee.

      Thank you.