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    Porting to Unix - cfc's not found

      We're moving an app to Unix that has been running fine in Windows. The configuration is cfusion.war deployed under Tomcat. There are a series of issues that all seem to be related to searching and locating CFC's but the most simple problem is this:

      We setup a javascript proxy via a CFC:
      <cfajaxproxy cfc = "myCFC.Accounts" jsclassname = "Accounts">

      Then call one of the functions in the CFC:
      <cfset AjaxOnLoad("formatAccountgrid")>

      The result is that when the page loads, the browser gives a message saying "formatAccountgrid not found" as if the Javascript function cannot be located. Could there be a pathing problem? Any recommendations on where the CFC folder should be located relative to the application web root?

      The documentation says that CFC's are searched for in all lower-case, then if not found searched again in mixed case. We do have mixed-case folder and filenames, but this search algorithm doesn't appear to be working.