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    Photo Abstract Gets 'Image Out Of Focus Rejection'


      So I am wondering if there is something else I should have done (different way of submitting, turning in as Art instead of Photo, whatever) when I submitted this image to prevent it being rejected for an 'out of focus' issue.





      It is marked as an abstract (both in the title and via keywords) so I thought that should have been enough. I actually selected this image as a good candidate after watching some Adobe sponsored training on what types of images sell well. The presenter of that training indicated that images with an area to post content, and images with bright colors seem to have good sales records. Additionally, in searching on Adobe Stock for accepted images that are similar, it would also seem like my image is similar to a number of these, at least as far as focus goes:


      https://stock.adobe.com/search?filters%5Bcontent_type%3Aphoto%5D=1&filters%5Bcontent_type% 3Aillustration%5D=1&filters%5Bcontent_type%3Azip_vector%5D=1&filters%5Bcontent_type%3Avide o%5D=1&filters%5Bcontent_type%3Atemplate%5D=1&filters%5Bcontent_type%3A3d%5D=1&safe_search =1&ca=0&similia_id=100810912&load_type=find_similar&prev_url=detail


      So I am wondering how they might have been considered as having acceptable focus. I understand that not all images are accepted, and I could potentially understand a rejection if based on another criteria, but in this case I find this a bit confusing. Anyone have any advice/insights?


      Thanks bunches,