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    Scrollbar for Thumbnail Gallery

      Hi All,

      Relatively new to Flash, looking to understand some details about button events.

      Here is the relevant code:

      I have a horizontally scrolling MC (thumbnail_mc) containing all my thumbnails for a gallery. I've also got 2 buttons to move the clip, right_btn and left_btn.

      To stop the thumbnail clip from moving beyond the limits of the scroller, I've added two boundary MC's, hit_right and hit_left, to use for hitTest.

      Presently this code works fine, except that I have to click the button to move each distance of ten pixels, rather than being able to hold down the button and continue scrolling...is there a way to perform this? Is there a method that returns a buttons state, so that I can determine if the button is still down, rather than using onPress?

      Any help is appreciated, let me know if I've been unclear!