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    Question about extending Flex Builder

      Hello, I'm writing an Eclipse plugin to make writing AS3 code in Flex easier. I would really love to see some
      documentation on the extension points declared by the flex plugin:
      <extension-point id="quickFixProvider" name="quickFix Provider" schema="schema/quickFixProvider.exsd"/>
      <extension-point id="contentAssistFactories" name="ActionScript Content Assist Processors" schema="schema/contentAssistFactories.exsd"/>
      <extension-point id="editorAdapters" name="Editor Adapters" schema="schema/editorAdapters.exsd"/> <extension-point id="contentFormatter" name="Content Formatter" schema="schema/contentFormatter.exsd"/>
      <extension-point id="textHoverFactories" name="ActionScript Text Hovers" schema="schema/textHoverFactories.exsd"/>

      Any other tips on extending flex would be great also, thanks.