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    Printing Issues




      I've never submitted a question before so I hope this is the right way of doing this. I have been trying to print out some files that I have made using Photoshop lately. In Photoshop I get everything scaled correctly and then when I go to print the jpg that I have created it either prints too small or too large. An example would be: I created a label that I specified to be 8 inches long and when I printed it, the label came out to about 7.5 inches. Proportionally it seems ok but it's still off. The only thing I can think of that is messing things up is that the files I have made are 150 DPI and the printer at work only prints at 300 and 600 DPI. Could that be the issue?

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

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          The resolution of the printer will not effect the printing size.

          Have a look at Image > Image Size dialogue and in that at the resolution, if the resolution is (say) 200 PPI (pixels per inch), then an image that is (say) 800px x 1200px will print at 4 x 6 inches.

          You can adjust the sizes and resolution in the Image Size dialogue box. Experiment to see how it works.

          If you want a different aspect ratio, use the Crop tool.


          Like all Photoshop things, there are other ways of undertaking this activity and, depending on your version, non-destruction methods, but my description will get you started.


          For more information, have a look at this tutorial: .Photoshop image size and resolution