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    AE CC 2017 Presets won't load in CS6 or CC


      Hey, I have a quick question that I really haven't ran into before now. Do presets made in later versions of AE, such as CC 2017, not work in previous AE versions like CC or CS6?


      An example would be if I made a keyframed animation using the Transform effect in CC 2017, and then I save that as a User Preset. Then I would also like to have that preset available in previous AE versions I have installed, so I copy the preset from my CC 2017 user presets folder and paste it in the user presets folder for the older AE versions.


      However, I have been unable to get the preset to load in the older AE versions (even though the Transform effect is available in CS6 and CC). I have refreshed the effects list, etc. with no luck.


      Any input would be appreciated!