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    activation error in adobe digital editions


      due to malware issue had to re image hardrive now adobe digiatl additons will not work

      when you try and download an e book you get an activation error

      have uninstalled and re installed adobe, cannot remove authorization it just says try again later

      go around in circles as other help centre will not assist


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          Same with me. Long time ago I registered. Now, with new computer and an ACSM ISACA CISM book, I can not read it, since ADE keeps generating Activation-server error (code E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED. Uninstalled, re-installed, Created brand new ID's. Tried to phone but got disconnected, or after a long list of computer-answering machine I got told that Adobe does not service ADE.

          Had a chat and he simply send me here since "Our relevnt team will assist you from there." - I guess he was not relevant .

          Seems to me Adobe has a major bug in there software.