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    Library Module should be as fast as Develop Module when Previews aren't pre-rendered

    jjjdfkdiiiejsjnxniie Level 1

      If previews aren't rendered, when in Library Mode, images "clear up" much faster in Develop Module than in Library Module. In fact, Library Module can take several seconds just to clear up enough for you to make sure you nailed the focus! It's so bad, that I either have to render Previews (and twiddle my thumbs or find something else to do for a while), or just go into Develop Module to begin with.


      When Previews haven't been rendered, why not have Library Mode just load the full-images the same way Develop does, since it's so much faster? Seems like that would be more efficient for those of us with massive libraries, who have to occasionally go through old folders. Maybe have it recognize that the Preview isn't rendered, so rather than taking its sweet time rendering previews while the user stares at a fuzzy image for several seconds, then it can load the entire image in a second or two like Develop Module! Then maybe in the background, it can make a preview for if you go back to it within a certain period of time.