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    Coding needed or not ?

    sowrabhn65897535 Level 1

      Whether development of app requires coding or not in phone gap ?

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, you will still need to actually code your application. PhoneGap/Cordova only provides the base framework to have your code exist as a native application and the hooks (via plugins) into the devices native features.


          You are free to use any HTML/CSS/Javascript solution you like. Some of the more popular are the Ionic Framework, React, vue.js, jQuery Mobile, and Framework 7. There are great tutorials, videos, and books on these topics. I personally have two videos on lynda.com and wrote a book on Ionic. Kerri Shotts, another active forum member and fellow ACP, has several books on PhoneGap as well.


          Hope this clears up your question

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