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    dynamic textfield bug

      I found a bug when you use Css styleSheets and embeded fonts.
      I can add multiple styles with different fonts (ie: helvetica and times). But there´s a problem when i need to make 2 font changes in a single line.
      I need like:
      font1 font2 font1

      but flash renders:
      font1 font2
      ------------------------------ it adds a linebreak when changes the font again.

      example html code: <font1>TEXT WITH FONT1<font2>TEXT WITH FONT2</font2> TEXT WITH FONT1</font1>
      example2 html code: <font1>TEXT WITH FONT1</font1><font2>TEXT WITH FONT2</font2><font1>TEXT WITH FONT1</font1>

      I need to keep a single line...