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    Froozen on open

    guy__l Level 1

      i can't open any draw project on ipad, following the adobe add (sharing project). This add stay in the middle on the screen and freeze. As i'm not sure that all my projects was sync, i don't know if i can delete and reinstall draw.app ?

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



          I'm not sure what you mean by "following the adobe add (sharing project)," but don't delete the app and reinstall it without knowing that your work is synced to Creative Cloud. If it's not, you could lose it permanently.


          A couple of things to try:

          1. Force-quit the app, restart your device, then relaunch the app.

          2. If that doesn't work, try signing out of the app, restarting your device, then signing back in.

          3. If that doesn't work, please first make sure that any work you've done has had a chance to sync to Creative Cloud by logging in with your Adobe ID to https://assets.adobe.com/assets/mobile?filter=draw. If all your work has synced (do not uninstall the app if you don't see all the work that's on your device on the web site), then try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it and see if that resolves the error code.


          If none of those steps work, or if you don't see your work when you log into adobe.com, please contact me through the in-app feedback (tap Settings then Send Feedback), so I can get more information from you.