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    2 questions: deleting photos and key words


      I have not used my lightroom for a long, but started yesterday. I have two questions.

      1. I imported a lot of photos and gave them all keywords. However, I then noticed that there are quite a few that I would like to delete. Does that mean I have to delete them in two places: on my hard drive and in lightroom or is there an easier way? I should probably have deleted the photos I did not want before importing, but in this case I did not do that.


      2. My computer is not working properly so I want to delete everything on it and install a new fresh operating system. this means I will have to reinstall lightroom again. What happens then to all the key words I have spent hours and hours adding? Will they be gone? Are the key words only stored in the small file that Lightroom uses or are they stored in the original photos?


      Hope somebody can shed light on this matter