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    Multiple ratings on same photos


      Is there no more elegant way to give multiple ratings to photos after they have been placed in individual collection than creating a virtual copy and making a collection fo virtual copies??


      I have a catalogue of 14,000+ photos. Within that I have collections of keyworded people containing thousands. A photo may have 7 people in it.  It may warrant a 1 star for 5 of them, two star for one and 5 star for another.  The only way I understand to assign different stars or colors in the different collections without affecting the photos in other collections is to go to each collection and create a virtual copy and then create a collection of those virtual copies (and collapse them elsewhere). With 8 collections (so far) my LR catalogue is growing by leaps and bounds.


      Is there some other way to have the ratings only exist or stick inside of one collection and not affect the others?