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    What are some tips for projection-mapping designs? Can volumetric light be projected?

    gomerpyle3333 Level 1

      I'm working on a big project that involves projection-mapping a small auditorium.  I'm was using Madmapper for the actual mapping, but I've figured out that I need to use a design software like AE to actually create compelling illusions.  Right now, I'm refining my workflow between the two softwares by exporting a layout of my mapped objects in Madmapper and importing it into AE (keeping res consistent).  My issue is that I'm having trouble with creating interesting designs. I've tried solid color layers with glow effects, as well as some basic experimentation with sound responsive particles.  Also, I've stumbled on a bunch of tutorials for volumetric lighting.  I'm wondering, can I project volumetric lights that are designed to be "fake" stage or spotlights?  My premise is a Queen throwback "concert" that involves mapped imagery and music, with no live performers. But I'm still falling short of creating any sort of compelling illusions. Is there anybody here with experience in AE for projection mapping purposes?