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    Multiple Creative Cloud Account Conflicts

    joshnyt Level 1

      I'm experiencing login issues, application crashes and system failure (require manual reboot) due to conflicting Adobe CC accounts.


      The reason for having two CC accounts is, one account with my previous employer, and one with my current employer.


      I have no need to use the previous CC account yet I can't seem to permanently remove it from my computer. The login information is not saved in my browser or my password keychain which leads me to believe this is Adobe app related.


      The reason I know the previous login information is still being used is when I click on "Manage My Account" within an app, I'm automatically logged in with the previous account info.


      Additionally, when I navigate to Adobe forums within my web browser (Chrome) I'm auto-logged in with the previous account info.


      I've re-installed the apps.

      My computer is a Macbook Pro Retina, early 2015, running OS Sierra


      Any help here would be great, not sure what to try next.