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    Lightroom CC 2015.10 & Windows 10

    Heirloom Bob Level 1

      Lightroom works fine, as near as I can tell but if I select Import, I get the "spinning circle" and nothing happens. I have not even inserted my SD at this point but I was able to read the SD card on this PC and transfer the contents to my HDD as an alternate method to import but the same results. Any thoughts?

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          If you are saying that if your first launch the Import dialog without connecting your camera or SD card, I can see where some timeout value is going to be used when trying to find the missing connection.


          You should first connect your camera or insert the SD card into a card reader, then launch the Import dialog in LR.

          (A card reader is the better option.)

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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            My Thoughts-

            Without the SD card inserted, Lightroom is searching your entire computer (thousands of files) to find everything to import, hence the "spinning wheel". It will stop eventually


            As ManiacJoe says- insert the card first, and use a card reader. Then select it in the 'Source' panel.

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