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    InDesign Lag

    rtfriday Level 1

      I had posted previously on a thread that is now locked and wanted to continue this discussion. The thread says that the issue was resolved. It's not.


      Every action I take in my InDesign files has a 20 to 30 second spinning beach ball lag. These include, but are not limited to, clicking a text box, saving a file, opening a file, pasting a graphic, pasting a text box, zooming in or zooming out, switching pages, selecting an object, placing an object, pasting an object... you get the idea.


      In a previous thread I tried every solution that was given with no results.  This included: 1. Un-mounting all servers and working strictly off my Mac's hard drive. 2. Saving the file as an IDML, opening that and saving over the previous InDesign file. 3. Saving as template, opening the template file and saving over the original. 4. Installing Adobe's text patch. 5. Unchecking type preferences. 6. Turning off the preflight panel. etc..


      This issue is killing my own production and my entire teams. It is not specific to my Mac alone, or to any single file. It is global in our company using InDesign. It has taken processes that should take 5 minutes and turned them into 45 minutes.


      Please help me find a solution to this.


      Thank you for your help.

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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          I have heard of many odd things causing lag. Why not try some of the 35 ideas I wrote down in this PDF handout:


          Note that sometimes its a Advanced Type preference; sometimes its a panel that is open. If one of these things works for you, be sure to post about it?

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            amaarora Adobe Employee


            Can you also specify the InDesign version you are on? If its not CC 2017.1(latest), can you upgrade to it and then let us know if the hang occurs?

            Is the issue document specific, or does it occur with all documents that you create?

            Can you also check and let us know your work-space (essential, advanced or custom)?


            If the issue is document specific can you please mail me your document at amaarora@adobe.com so i too can reproduce the issue at my end



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              rtfriday Level 1

              I am using InDesign 2017.1 Release, Build

              It occurs with multiple documents. I have not tested if I recreate as a new document from scratch but will. Most of our work is pulling previous jobs and updating the art for the new year. We use the formatting, perf and die lines etc. Not reinventing the wheel saves a lot of time, at least when there's not this terrible lag.

              My work space is essentials. I work off two monitors. Screen shots below:

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                Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

                Have you experimented with patiently turning off individual panels to see if one of them is slowing the machine? Have you compared the difference when all panels are in one monitor screen?

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                  jane-e Adobe Community Professional

                  rtfriday  wrote


                  I had posted previously on a thread that is now locked and wanted to continue this discussion. The thread says that the issue was resolved. It's not.


                  Hi rtfriday


                  I did a little searching to see what happened and here is what I found:



                  1. The Locked discussion that you referred to was started on Nov 9, 2016 by vickyvaugn and given a correct answer on Nov 16, 2016. The answer marked correct is from Seekay.

                  InDesign CC 2017 slow



                  2. Your response from April 3, 2017 was branched into a new thread. That thread is not locked or answered and is still live.

                  Re: InDesign CC 2017 slow performance

                  Branching is sometimes done to keep a question alive by a new poster after it has been answered on a thread or if it veers off topic.

                  There are a number of responses to you on April 3, and you responded back on April 24, 2017. A couple more responses came in after that.



                  3. Currently there are two live posts from you on this same topic: the one from April 3 with many responses, and this one with a few. One will have to be locked and a reference will be posted to the other.




                  And I do hope that you get an answer to this very frustrating problem.




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                    Bill Silbert Adobe Community Professional

                    I noticed this problem when I first updated to InDesign CC 2017. I was able to solve it when I realized that my CC 2015 preference file was still being accessed by the program. The new release seems to need a totally new set of preferences. I realized this when I tried to trash the preference file and replace it with a pristine copy of my 2015 ID preferences that I always keep as a backup. It didn't work. When I completely started over with a brand new set all the lagging in InDesign disappeared.

                    Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 4.24.59 PM.png

                    To do this Open your Home folder, with the option key (on a Mac) pressed go under the Go menu and select Library. Once in the Library folder open the Preference folder. Delete the folder titled "Adobe InDesign" and also the file called "com.adobe.Indesign.plist".

                    This restored full speed to the program for me.

                    If this works for you and you then reset up your InDesign preferences to your liking go back to the Preferences folder (with the program quit) and drag out a copy of the new preference file to use if and when you get any program corruption in the future. A word of warning though—I've re-experienced this with each CC 2017 In Design upgrade I've installed.

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                      rtfriday Level 1



                      Thanks for your input. Unfortunately this did not fix the problem. I tried this on my workstation and 2 others with no improvement on the problem.

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                        rtfriday Level 1



                        I've been following both threads for a long time now. None of the fixes shown there worked with the lag issue we are experiencing. What do I need to give Adobe to get this corrected?

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                          amaarora Adobe Employee


                          Do you experience the lag with all files or with a specific one? What other programs/external plugin have you installed?

                          If its with a specific file can you mail me the file at amaarora@adobe.com ?

                          Also, can you try making a seperate partition on your MAC and then running InDesign on it?

                          Please do read sufficient instructions for creating and restoring OS to a new partition so that you dont corrupt your memory or loose any data. Be careful with the process.



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                            I added one extra step to solve this problem, I reopened the file in CS6 then open that in CC18. Seems to clear out the problem, it is something to do with font rendering on the pages off screen.