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    problems adding controls to, and annotating an MP4

    Dylan32609 Level 1

      I've imported an MP4 onto an AS3 stage and it resides in frame #1 but won't play out unless I give it the full footage it needs, namely about 1000 frames. So I insert a blank key frame at 1000 then ctl/enter and it plays out to end. Great. Now the next problem is how to annotate it with text boxes and arrows ("locants") that point to features of the video. I can draw these in but I can't find where they go and can't set them up to track the feature because the video has no intermediate frames, just one long grey bar. So I have to play the video over and over again and nudge the locants into place. Very labor intense. How can I solve this problem? Can I convert the MP4 into another format that has frames that I can parallel with the locants in another layer? Secondly, I can make a button that works fine on the stage but the video is immune to it. Why is this so?....Example= place a pause button on the stage, set it to goto and stop at frame 200, draw something on frame 200 for a visual confirm, then ctl/enter and click the button. The actionscript takes the movie straight to frame 200 and stops cold, but the video keeps running on past it seamlessly....why is this?


      Thanks in advance....