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    Adding child multiple times (HTML5 Canvas)


      I'm developing a basic tank-shooter game in Animate CC. I have code similar to the following:



      var missile = new lib.missile();


      function fireMissile(){


           //adds missile to stage from library



           //sets missile to position and direction of tank, speed is set to 20    

            missile.x = tank.x;

            missile.y = tank.y;

            missile.dir = tank.dir;

            missile.speed = 20;





      This code sets a missile (movie clip from the library) to the position of a tank and "fires" it by setting the speed to 20. The function is executed every time a user presses 'Enter'. The function works as intended, however, when the user presses 'Enter' multiple times the missile to set back to the position of the tank due to only one missile instance being on the stage.


      My question is, is it possible to add a new child (the missile) according to each time the user presses 'Enter'? So this way it would recreate the missile instance every time the fireMissile function is called instead of reusing the same missile and interrupting its trajectory after being fired.