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    Will InDesign CC 2017 import a PDF of a 17th century book for indexing and annotating?

    johnt26939877 Level 1

      I am thinking of buying Id 2017 for my Mac. I need to import a PDF of a 17th century book for indexing and annotating. Will the app do this?


      I tried to import an OCR scanned digitized PDF of a 17th Century book to index, annotate, and create an ePub with an active index, but Id refused to import it. I saw mention of script that might import the file but I have not been able to find it. Is it  possible to do what I want with this app? Could someone please give me a lead as to where I can find this script? I even looked on Google for it. I saw mentions of it but nowhere to download one compatible with this version of Id.


      Thanks folks! Please forgive my bother but I'm near 70 and can use all the help I can get. Photoshop I can handle but this all very new to me.




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