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    losing my sh*t with photoshop... (Missing Layers?)


      Hello (please help me)...


      I'm close to throwing my mac out the window now!


      I've created my resume in photoshop, I've created a two page document and am now looking to save the psd to pdf format. I've managed to save the back page in high quality and in lowest the quality with no trouble (or any noise around text/shapes). Lowest quality is important as many applications have small file limits.


      NOW.. I go to save the front page and for some reason i've got some layers that appear in photoshop but just not on the pdf format (they're basically missing). I've tried everything, the only solution I have come up with is to rasterize the missing layers (which gives it loads noise/makes the text unreadable). So i'm back to square one????


      I'm at a loss.. and before anyone tells me I should have used indesign, I know but I don't hold a sub to it and only currently have photoshop at my disposal.