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    CHM file remote problem with old Robohelp 9.2

      I use an earlier version of Robohelp 9.2 (before Adobe bought it out) to generate a CHM help file.
      The Help file works perfectly when it is run on the computer it is located in..
      When I run it from another computer it shows the books-folders in the left panel but it says it cannot display the topics because it cannot find them.
      Supposedly the topic are relatively referenced.
      Any idea why this is happening?

      Thanks a bundle
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          lmarden Level 2
          First, welcome to the forum, grasshopper.

          I'll bet you a cookie that you moved the CHM from the successful desktop to another via a network, or attached to an email. Microsoft introduced a set of security measures a while back that cause CHM files to be "disabled" if transferred or viewed over a network.

          Easy to fix. On the problem desktop(s), in Windows Explorer, right-click on the chm file, and from the right-click menu, select properties. The Properties window contains a General tab - on that tab, look toward the bottom and you'll find an Unblock button. Click on the button, close out of the properties window, and try to access the chm again. Chances are good you'll be all set.