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    Video Playback - Stop, stutters and anything but smooth!


      I recently upgraded my iMac hoping this might bring some incremental performance increases to my video playback but no such luck ... at all.


      iMac details:

      Rentina 5K, 27-inch Late 2015

      3.3GHz Intel Core i5

      32GB Memory

      2TB Fusion Drive

      AMD Radeon R9 M395 2GB

      macOS Sierra

      Lightroom CC


      If I try to playback 4k video (shot with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro - .mov files) - I can't watch even a 5 second clip without it hanging or stuttering.


      Looking at the activity monitor, it looks like I am using only about 1GB of memory when this is 'playing' but the CPU usage (from dynamiclinkmediaserver) is 300-400%. I've tried with/without the use of the GPU Processor - similarly poor results. I restart and don't open any other applications. I've tried changing monitor resolutions as low as possible. I purged cache, increased cache size to 25GB ... anything I do makes no improvement. It just will not play any piece of footage smoothly - if it does start to play, it stops and hangs after the first 3 (or so) seconds, then will start playing once again for a second or two but it has jumped ahead 5-10 seconds.


      Any suggestions or tips on improving this so I can review footage in Lightroom? Just tried to watch through this and select the usable parts of the clips - most of these are 10 sec to 1 min in length (about 100-800MB in size).


      I'd greatly appreciate any ideas to increase my frustrating playback performance!