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    "Saving" to the same folder...

    Charlie Groh Level 1

      ...I'm tired, SO tired, of getting to the "Save" dialogue, assigning a format for the save (jpeg, psd, etc), and then having to find which folder to put it in.  Is there a way to skip that last step?  Can I tell PS somehow to just keep putting the "save" in that same folder?  Done quite a bit of searching with varying results...nothing addressing this specific issue. Is the solution a script?  An action?  What?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          This is a scripting forum not an action forum.  Action have limited file savings abilities. Script can save files better than actions.    You can record an output folder name in an action's Save As step.  You do not want to touch the file name field in a save as step for do not want a file name recorded.  You want Photoshop to use the current document name not a fixed file name.    You can also use menu File>Automate>Batch to batch and action, set an output folder and override save as steps. Your question should have been asked in the Photoshop general discussion forum.