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    Extension not properly signed error


      Hi I am running CC2017 64 bit on Windows 10


      I recently installed Adobe Paper Textures Pro add on, which worked really well until I tried to add further textures into the folder containing the originals.  Since then I get an error when running the add on saying the extension is not properly signed (see screen grab below)  I have followed the instructions in the error message, uninstalling CC, checking the folders were deleted and reinstalling, but nothing changes, I have looked to uninstall the add on, wanting to reinstall, it but cannot find a way to remove it.


      Can anyone help please.





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          Bahaar Khan Level 4

          Get Adobe Extension Manager, open and click Exchange button, then click 'Add-ons website' when it opens in your browser, click Photoshop, scroll down to 'Creative Cloud Libraries', click and install. It probably won't install, but no worries, just click on 'Where to find it' tab and click 'Download / Install your Add-on another way', then download the extension to your machine. Back to Extension Manager, click Install, navigate to the extension (probably in Downloads, unless you have another place for your downloads) and install it. Restart Photoshop and voilà! Worked for me.

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            russd48917542 Level 1

            Hi Bahaar, thanks for taking the time to answer.  This didnt work for me, as it came up with an error message on trying to install CCL through extension manager, say's it needs Illustrator between 18 - 18.9