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    [Bug] Group unlinked mask issue


      After a while searching how to report a bug, finally got here, hope I'm in a right place.


      Try next:
      1) Create few layers with some content on it. Anything on it to be clickable to select easy.

      2) Create an empty Group.

      3) Make a mask on that group. Any mask, even empty one.

      4) Unlink mask.

      5) Select mask.

      6) Try to select any layer with Move Tool via Auto-Select.


      As result, you get stuck. You cant select anything with Move Tool while current selection is on Unlinked Mask of a Group.

      You have to deselect mask that mask to continue your work. And each time you just click on that group,

      focus automatically jumps on layer mask, you have to link it back to prevent this issue.


      And another problem is that Groups with mask, don't have selection rectangle as usually Layers and Masks have.