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    Trouble with Mouth


      I'm trying to get my puppet to follow my mouth or through microphone input. Currently, it says on 'normal', and when I smile big and show my teeth, it shows the 'smile' graphic (occasionally). Other than that, it pretty much doesn't do anything else. I've tried playing with all the settings, which I might be overlooking, but at a point where I'm done trying to fix, and need help.

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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          Do you have layers in your Mouth group for the various visemes, and are they tagged accordingly (i.e., Ah, D, Ee, etc.)? See the Chloe template puppet for an example.


          If you're seeing the mouth shapes (Neutral, Smile, Surprised) appearing less than expected, check the microphone levels as the mic might be picking up background noise that is causing it to show the visemes (Ah, D, Ee, etc.) over the camera-triggered mouth shapes.


          If that still doesn't help, can you share a screenshot of how your Mouth layers are set up and tagged? Thanks.

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            214co Level 1


            Each layer within mouth group corresponds to it's visual tag, (except "Surprised", which I might not have done).


            Pretty much, the only mouth layer that shows up is the "Normal" one.


            Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 12.26.18 AM.png

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              Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

              With that top row "Stick CA" selected in the Puppet panel, if you expand the Face > Replacements > Mouth section in the Properties panel, is it showing a '1' next to Mouth Group, Neutral, and Smile? I see your Neutral moth is named Normal, so just checking that the Neutral tag was associated for that, and would show a '1' (signifying one matching layer).


              Similarly, if you expand the Lip Sync behavior, are all of the used visemes indicating '1' match?


              If so, I might need to diagnose the puppet. You can export a .puppet file by selecting the puppet in the Project panel, choosing File > Export > Puppet, saving a .puppet file on your desktop, then sending me a shared link (via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) to that .puppet file. You can either post the link here or via direct message.



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                214co Level 1

                Ok, so turns out I didn't have (or deleted somehow) the Lip Sync Behavior property at all!  I added one, and it works now (for the most part). Thanks for your help!!