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    Actions speed up when PS isn't the active window


      Stumbled on this neat "feature" while I was working on a large batch of images. I'm using a fairly long action of approx. 150+ steps and the whole action takes about 20 seconds to complete, so naturally, I'm tabbing out to do other things while it's crunching. Turns out it's alot faster when you're not "looking", 14 seconds faster. Tried with multiple images and multiple runs (not different actions though).


      I'm aware that Adobe are doing machine learning projects but I really wasn't prepared for PS to acquire the sentience of a employee that works slower when the boss is peeking over his shoulder.


      Anyone else experienced this? I suppose there's a logical explanation but it feels kinda dumb that I have to tab out every time to work faster.


      Windows 10 Home (Version 1607, 64-bit)

      Photoshop CC 2017.1.0