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    Cancelling CC membership and installing LR,PS with serial #

    George Drastal



      I use LR and PS on an iMac (Sierra 10.12.4) where both work well, and that's where I use them most often.   Last December, I took my MacBook Air (same OS X) on a photo workshop and I needed both LR and PS on it.  I have purchased LR5 and PS6 and have serial numbers for both.  I was unable to install them on the MacBook, so in an act of desperation I bought a CC subscription that I didn't need.  That made it possible to use the MacBook on my trip.


      Now it's time to simplify this confusion.  I would like to cancel the CC subscription, but keep my LR5 and PS6 working on the iMac.  In addition, I would like to install it on the MacBook though the software will only be used in one place at any given moment.


      So that I don't repeat the frustrating experience the first time, please advise ... What is the correct way to do this?  Thanks!