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    Stop Autoscroll From Looping

    jessica eve Level 1

      Hi! So I made a previous post about an alternate way to do animated text for a dialog, but I finally buckled down and got most of it done the normal tedious way. But here's a legitimate newbie question.

      I'm trying to have my text scroll up after it appears. The biggest issue is that the autoscroll preset is causing the text to scroll back up from the bottom after reaching the top. I want my text to scroll up and off screen. I would do this by animating each individual text with a path that takes it offscreen, but I'd have to select the proper end frame for each one or they would scroll at inconsistent speeds. Unless there's a way to have a path move by constant speed instead of by the start and end points?


      That brings me to my second question: Is there a way to have the typewriter effect write at a specified pace instead of by a timeframe? it is a similar issue: I simply don't have the energy to go through each text and calculate the start and end points so that each one will write at the same speed. If I could simply have them write a set number of letters per second that would be wonderful...

      Sorry if these are silly questions I just don't know anybody personally who uses aftereffects so I'm asking here.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          One could modify stuff. The Typewriter preset could be automated with an expression range selector instead of the keyframed one and the auto-scroll probably just requires to change some values in the existing expression. If I get around to it, I might look into it and provide some clues.



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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Here you go. For the Typewriter effect apply an Expression Range Selector and insert this code:

            selectorValue * textIndex*(time-inPoint)*0.25

            The last value determines the speed. Increase or decrease it as you need. For the scrolling to stop use the Transform effect (Effects --> Distort --> Transform) and copy & paste the expression code from the Motion Tile's Tile Offset parameter.