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    Can't get the Autodesk add on for AE


      It has litteraly been 4 Hours I am trying all available options.


      I have windows 10. Latest CC version with AE and extension manager. Sync is turned ON.


      After hours of trying to install the Add on Autodesk for AE I finally see it appears in my Home on CC. It tells me it didnt install properly because of admin privilege. The problem is that it never asked me to click YES or anything. It only synced much later than when I "installed" it from the web account plateform.. (What a maze !).


      Then the only option I havent been able to try yet is to install from the extension manager. Guess what, to do so we need to download the Add on manually but Adobe is not providing any link for download online !!! It is only the automatic broken Sync with account way....


      What am I supposed to do ???