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    Cant find installed 486 preset bundle in Lightroom


      I purchased the 486 preset bundle via adobe. I did not get a zip file as described but another type of file  called a zxp file. I was supposed to use the adobe cc app to install and it says it has installed but there are no presets visible. I keep going round in circles following their instructions but still no presets. I have written to adobe and have no response. I'm bitterly disappointed. Can anyone  suggest anything.


      I am using the current Adobe CC package for PS and Lightroom.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          A suggestion-

          Using the operating system (Explorer/Finder) search your computer for preset files. Look for  { .Lrtemplate } files.  So in the search field type {  *.lrtemplate  }.  This should show you a list of presets, and the folders where they reside. Check if you recognize any of the "486" presets and note their folder location.

          If the zxp file did in fact install the presets, they must be somewhere in your computer.


          Now Lightroom can store presets in two locations depending on the option in the preferences dialog-  [ ] Store Presets with Catalog.


          Most installers save presets in the "Global" location, but if you have checked the option to "Store Presets with Catalog" then you will not see the presets in Lr. You will need to copy them with the OS from the 'Global' folder location to the 'Catalog' folder location.


          Let us know what you find?