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    reflective surfaces when using a green-screen


      Hi, I'm creating a major work for one of my subjects at school and am creating a green-screen video, however, my actress is using an iPhone during the filming and i am unsure of how to key it out properly as there is green reflected in the iPhone camera's mirror (reflective surface). I also can't find anywhere to tell me how to do, it would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me as this is worth half of my end of year results for my last year.

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          brian704 Level 3

          Of course, these are issues better dealt with during the shoot, but . . .

          You should be able to use either the spill suppressor of better yet, color correction to remove the green from the reflections. You will probably need to mask out the phone so the image remains in the shot. It is gong to take a considerable amount of time to do this as you will have to track or hand do the masking.

          Video Copilot has a video on the site about advanced keying techniques which will show a workflow to subtract the green but keep the reflections on the screen.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            I would second what the previous poster said. Study the VC tutorial. it explains some basic channel techniques and blending mode usage that can be used toi great effect to salvage such situations. Some crude masking should suffice to isolate the relevant areas further in a pre-comp before processing them and overlaying the result on your otehr footage.