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    High CPU and "elevated process" after running lightroom CC


      Hi. I have a Microsoft Surface book (512GB SSD, 16GB RAM, Nvidia dedicated graphics), with Lightroom and Photoshop updated to the current versions. Both have enable GPU acceleration enabled.  The surface book is running windows 10 with all updates applied.

      Frequently Lightroom is left running for several hours, and eventually my computer develops a "stutter" - keyboard input is buffered and the screen doesn't update for a second or two.  If I check in task manager the system process (ID 4 ... not system idle !) is running at a steady 20-25% (i.e. one core). This continues even after I close Lightroom.  If I detach the base of the Surface Book - which removes the Nvidia graphics functionality I get a warning about elevated processes and if I continue, windows says it is terminating them and the system process returns to its normal 0-1% CPU. I can re-dock to the base, restart lightroom and everything is OK for anywhere been a few minutes and several hours.

      I only get it if Lightroom is running, but I'm pretty sure it has started happening in recent weeks and wasn't there last year.


      anyone seen similar behaviour or better still, got a fix ?