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    Phonegap camera plugin (Android MediaServer failed fault).


      Hi all,


      We have a customer that has deployed our phonegap application to it's workforce and many of the users have experienced an odd problem when accessing the Android camera application.  Now and again the camera application comes up with the following error:: MedaServer failed.  Camera needs restart.  (please see attached below) This error doesn't go away until either the tablet is restarted or the camera app is forcibly closed.IMG_1770 (004).JPG


      These tablets (I will confirm the make, model, version) were running a similar native app and never run into this error with the camera app.  Has anyone seen this fault before or have any tips?


      We did update to the latest Android release for cordova and the latest stable camera plugin, I will confirm the details if required but this hasn't appeared to resolve the issue.


      I've not found anything online relating to this error and phonegap either, and it seems fairly frequent.


      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


      Kind Regards