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    Photoshop: Creative Clouding Library Initialization Error

    fiordani Level 1

      I have the Italian version of Photoshop so my translation might not perfect.  I apologize on advance.



      During Photoshop start, an error is reported on a little window on the right of the Main Photoshop Window.


      In Italian "Si è verificato un errore durante l'inizializzazione di Creative Clouding Libraries... Ulteriori Informazioni"

      In English "Something Went wrong initializing Creative Clouding Libraries... More Information"


      The error message suggests to access to the site where some corrective actions are described (More Information).


      I followed all of them but I was not able to fix the issue yet.


      Action A)   Restart the  the CCLibrary   process

      I restarted the CCLibrary process following the detailed instructions,  but this didn't fix the issue.


      Action B)    Verify that the firewall is not blocking  the Cloud-i work related


      I opened the  suggested Jason file reading the service port number. Then  I accessed the [Numero SERVICE_PORT]


      as described in the instructions.

      It seems to me that my firewall does not block my access, since an answer is replied. My undestanding is that if the firewall would have blocked the access  the

      the WEB page would have not been available ("the WEB page is not available" or similar)


      Instead the reply  states  that an "upgrade is required". This is  not the text of the expected reply of  "More Information" instruction

      The expected reply should have been "Not Implemented"



      In summary I don't know how to fix the CC library initialization error on Photoshop. Do you have any further reccomendations?



      My Release Photoshop is 2017 1.1


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