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    How do you change font and background colour based on calculated result

    soulglowdeej Level 1



      Hoping you can help.


      I’m trying to get a specific result shown, with a particular font colour and background colour to the text field after adding up a calculation based on radio buttons.


      I can do the showing of the specific result (shown below, attached to a text field), but am struggling to go get the colour changes to work…can anyone help?


      var nResult = this.getField("Result").value;

      if( nResult > 26 ) event.value = “TEXT BLOCK 1. (27-36)";

      else if( nResult > 15 ) event.value = “TEXT BLOCK 2. (16-26)";

      else event.value = “TEXT BLOCK 3. (0-15)";


      Is it something to do with this? event.target.fillColor = color.#FFFFFF : color.#800000;

      I can’t work out where to put it so it works…


      Huge thanks in advance