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    Rotate table


      I have a table in a document with quite a bit on info in it that I have to rotate to be able to update. If I rotate it, let's say 90 degrees clockwise to update it and then rotate it 90 degress counter-clockwise when I am finished it does not return to the original position. It then becomes difficult to re-position. Is there a way to re-rotate it back to the original orientation?

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          amaarora Adobe Employee


          When you rotate any table by 90 degree, and then rotate it again in opposite direction, it should come back to its earlier position provided you do not change the reference point. Can you check if your reference point is same while rotating as it was while re rotating. ( see the red box below )



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            Mesa316 Level 1

            Thanks Aman. That makes complete sense and is exactly what I did wrong. Now i know.

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              BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

              While that certainly works, I'm going to throw out one more option.


              Instead of rotating the table to edit it, and then rotate it back, you can just rotate the spread. (And that's what the feature is there for.) Nothing moves, it's easy to edit, and when you finish, you clear the rotation. This also eliminates the possibility that the temporarily rotated table overlaps nearby elements and becomes harder to edit.


              Right click the selected spread in the Pages panel > Page Attributes > Rotate Spread View > 90˙ CW

              InDesign CCss_007.png

              The entire spread is rotated, and when you finish editing, you can right click the widget that appears to the right of the rotated spread > Clear Rotation.

              InDesign CCss_008.png

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